I had another bird picture published during the Great Backyard Bird Count.  Actually, it was a Birdwatching picture.  Here it is!  (click on it to see bigger)

My Birdwatching Picture

Exciting times.  Two this year!

They won’t pick winners until the fall.  I’m just happy I got onto their website.  There are some fabulous bird pictures there.  Take a look when you have a chance.  There are a lot of talented people out there with cameras.

One Response to “My Second GBBC Picture On Site!”

  1. Congratulations!

    I meant to get back to you earlier to tell you that the bulls in my yard weren’t lost and hadn’t gotten loose. I live on “open range” meaning the ranchers pay for grazing rights and if you want the livestock to stay out of your yard your need to put up a fence. I also have ranch horses that visit sometimes, too. I like both species, I just like it better when the visit during the day so I can enjoy their visit!