Raven.  She’s one of a kind.
Here she is on top of my storage bin outside.
I’m surprised it didn’t collapse.

I took her in the back yard to practice last weekend.
She was in one of her manic moods.
She wouldn’t slow down enough to hear.
So I turned and walked away from her.
Then I tripped and slid.

I had picked up a 128 ounce plastic bottle I fill with water
and dish washing liquid on the way back to the door.
I use that to rinse off the pavers.
It’s a funny thing I remembered in the midst of this falling and sliding thing.
Maybe I should let go of the bottle.
I did and it helped.  I had an extra hand to brace my fall.
I was thankful not to be hurt other than a skinned knee.
I haven’t had one of those for years.
When I finally skidded to a stop, I called Raven over to me.
She came.
I told her to help me up.
She did.
(I tried not to choke her when I pulled myself up by her collar.)

She had one of those Raven smirks on her snoot all the while.
Sort of makes me want to laugh and scream at the same time.

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