A Bufo toad got caught in my Havahart trap.
They are hazardous to my dogs’ health.
I put the whole trap in a black trash bag.
And froze it for 3 days.
The humane way to euthanize reptiles.

The day came to remove the frozen specimen from the trap.
While I was taking care of that,
a Dobie walked by with a snake hanging out of his snout.

He took his time examining it.
After all, he’d been hunting for it
in some tall grass for quite some time.

I had to pick it up finally.
This is not a favorite chore of mine.

And when I turned around to get back to the frozen toad,
a Dobie was thinking about tasting it.

Where are those eyes in the back of my head?


I found this baby rat in my Havahart trap on Friday.
I’ve been feeding and watering it all weekend.
I released it today.
Somewhere else.

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