Today when I let my dogs out for their lunch break,  Dudley ran out after Bunny and grabbed her rubber ring.  She wouldn’t let go, and Dudley was tugging.  Well, I don’t think it was tugging, as much as his trying to get that toy.  He wanted the result of the toy being his and didn’t necessarily look like he was enjoying the getting it part.  As a matter of fact, the way the tugging ended was he let out his bratty “I want this now” scream, and Bunny released the ring so he could have it.

Meanwhile, I am still slowly rolling along with Dudley trying to get him to tug with me.

Last night, I took Luigi to the local dog training grounds, and I found out how much fun tugging could be with a dog who enjoys it.  He played so nicely with me, and we used it during obedience practice, which made it somewhat fun.  Now I want all my dogs to tug.

Easier said than done, but what is life without challenges?

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