If you supported me and voted for my video, I wanted to thank you.  I did get a place in the top five, which really makes me happy.  I tied for 3rd place with Slovenia.   Two were from the USA, one from Bermuda and one other from France.  You can see the results here.

Mimi’s doing well recovering from her spay surgery. The only thing that is bothering me, and likely her, is the e-collar. She has to wear it for one more week. I wish I could explain the reason for it to her. Of course, if I could, she wouldn’t have to wear it.

I thought she would have trouble eating clothes and sheets with this light shade on her head, but she did manage to grab my orange t-shirt and snuggle with it on the floor.  OK, I’m not sure if she did more than snuggling, yet.  I’m a little worn out looking for and moreso, finding holes.   She did have a rope toy on the bed with her the other night, which I praised.  I’m not sure if she got the connection though.  Still working on this.

One of the funny things that happened with her is yesterday, I was asking Dudley to go in his crate.  He’s been doing surprisingly well offering to go in there recently.  And I mentioned that to someone, so he has slipped and now is becoming stubborn again.  So when he balked at going in, Mimi came up behind him with her lamp shade and shoved him.  It was probably accidental (or not), but that lamp shade in the rear move startled Dudley into his crate but fast.  I had the best laugh.

Of course, when Mimi took a drink out of the big bucket in the living room and yanked the almost full 9 quarts over all over the floor, well, not so much fun.  I had to change the location of the water bucket, and that seems to be working.  One more week and the lamp shade comes off.  Yes!

Luigi and Leissl got new collars in the mail.  They are from a woman named Lisa in San Francisco who makes fabulous bling and big dog collars.  (She makes them for small dogs too, but her specialty is big.)  If you want to check out her website, go to collarmania.com.

Leissl also got a new collar, too.  Here is a couple of pictures of both Luigi and Leissl modeling their special collars, which will not be everyday collars, but special occasion collars.

Luigi apparently has a trademark “I’m posing for a collar photo” pose.  🙂

One Response to “Results and Collars”

  1. Congratulations!
    Hey! the kitchen floor got washed, right?
    Love the collars. One day I’ll stop threateing
    Stumpy with some bling and actually go get some.
    Mimi helping Dudley into the kennel made me laugh! Quite the visual. I can just imagine the look on dudley’s face!

    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me