I mowed what I call “my lawn” today at lunch time, and tonight my sinuses are hurting.  I guess my allergies to the green stuff are kicking in more and more.  Wow!  No fun.  I am on Zyrtec and steroid nose spray and sometimes I take Advil Cold and Sinus and antibiotics.  Recently, I found putting a heating pad on my face helps, too.

Tomorrow I’ll start a class with my Aussie in agility.  So I have to get to work a half hour earlier so I can leave a half hour earlier to get to the class on time.  Being I am usually 15 to 30 minutes late to work, this is going to be a challenge.  So tonight after I packed the little guy’s gear for class, and adjusted his harness a half dozen times till it fit right, I made Luigi’s special dog breakfast and put it in the fridge.  He is on the Fuzzer diet for calcium oxalate stone prevention.  I also got the dog kibble ready in a bucket with a scoop for everyone else.  Got the medicine and supplements out for dogs and me.  And then I realized why my mornings don’t go faster.   Phew!

I will rush home, grab my little guy and leave for class.  This will probably traumatize my other dogs.  Why don’t they get to go?  That part of training I dislike.

Luigi got a new collar from Collar Mania.  He looks so dashing and preppy.

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