I arrived at work on time this morning, 30 minutes early.  Well, actually, 40 minutes early if you figure I would be at least 10 minutes late normally.  (This was so I could leave 30 minutes early to take a novice agility class with my Aussie.)  But it was hard!  Lucky for me between the teacher and me, we decided that my Aussie needs some basic work on recalls and stays, so he is going to sit this one out.  It wasn’t a hard decision at all, actually.  He didn’t know I existed out there in new territory.  Everything was more interesting than da mama.  Too bad for him, but good for everyone else involved.  My Dobie will be going on another day and it will be at a decent time so I don’t have to ask for special permission to leave work early every week.  In a way, what a relief!

Here is the lucky Dobie who gets to take the class.  This is lovely Raven modeling one of several new collars that came in the mail from Lisa at Collar Mania. Raven gets a little snooty wearing Collar Mania’s high styling designs.  And Goddess knows she has the snoot!  Raven is a Tom boy, and putting her in pink really makes me laugh.  She is the anti-pink dog.  But maybe some of it will rub off on her and she’ll soften a bit.  That’s all I ask.  A little softer and less demanding. Maybe I should snap a rose quartz pendant on it, too, for extra pink and extra vibrations of love.  That’s amore!

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