Raven and I went to a fitness seminar for dogs a couple weekends ago.  It was raining when we arrived, and it was hot and muggy.   But the rain clouds helped beat out some of the heat.  It got much hotter in the afternoon when the sun was out full force.  Here is Raven sitting in the back seat in her nifty BlahBlahBlah collar from Collar Mania as we arrived for the seminar.

Raven did very well.  Here we are working on rear-end awareness using calvalettis.  It was hot out by this time, but Raven gave me her all.

We worked stations for about 30 seconds each.  Raven is on a tippy board in this photo while I’m trying to dig out some of the treats that were not yet mish mash in my pocket.  The humidity and my hands were doing a number on those treats.  I should have brought a treat pouch that day!

Raven got atop the peanut ball and did a very good job for her first time.  This is supposed to strengthen her core and help with balance.

I was looking forward to learning some of the human exercises that were supposed to be taught at the end of the seminar, but people complained it was too hot. I will have to go looking for a good book or video on working exercises on a ball instead.  I need it! It was fun for Raven and me to spend the day together.   I got some very good information to use for warm ups and exercises for Raven and my other dogs.  I highly recommend this seminar!

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