Helen on November 24th, 2011

“What is a Baussie,” you ask? A Baussie is a breed above the others, and we know it. When a Baussie gives an order, we mean it. A Baussie multi-tasks. Our prime objective is keeping order wherever we go. Baussies are the extreme fun police. To sum it up, Baussies rule. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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Helen on October 31st, 2011

H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N !

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Helen on October 19th, 2011

J u s t   t r e a t s ! much more than last year!

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Helen on October 18th, 2011

S M O O C H E S !

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Helen on October 11th, 2011

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Helen on October 10th, 2011

I’ve been too busy with Halloween-dogs.com‘s contest to spend enough time on this blog, but I took a couple of Halloween photos this morning of the cousins at a Halloween sign I posted into the ground to share. Snicker Snicker I couldn’t figure out why this cousin kept putting her head on the ground when […]

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Helen on July 29th, 2011

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Helen on July 2nd, 2011

So it’s the 4th of July weekend.  I mowed the “lawn” today and am glad that’s out of the way.  With the way it’s been raining lately, I’m sure this will be something on my to-do list for all of July.  The humidity also gave me a grand sinus headache this afternoon.  Advil Cold and […]

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Helen on April 24th, 2011

Three Petal Babies “I’d rather wear a chair than flower petals on my Baussie head!” “Help me.  She’s at it again.” A Coy Dober Daisy A Lovely Bouquet of Dober Daisies And here is a video of our day at the Dock Diving Beach yesterday.  

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Helen on March 17th, 2011

First of all, I called the vet’s office and they said Miss Mimi is doing fine, and is still sleeping the anesthesia off.  I am thrilled!  I can’t wait to have her little rascally self back home and back to normal.  The woman on the phone questioned me about my pain meds at home, and […]

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