OK, that’s not true.  I got the letters wrong.  I was really a volunteer for SPAY-LEE for a few hours on November 25, and had a really great time!  I decided to go in with a bright autumn orange outfit with a bandana that matched the ones my dogs, Luigi and Dudley, were wearing.

Luigi Dudley

The first thing that happened when I walked into a dog pen to say hi was a greeting from a big red Dobie named Hope.  She and her mom are looking for a forever home.

Hope And Faith

And you can tell she really liked me by the real life imprints she made on my shirts, both of them!  Look closely by the cup and you will see them.  Ain’t they something?

Paw Print Shirt

Next!  It’s a lot of fun helping out and getting to know the SPAY-LEE peeps!
They are very welcoming and friendly.

OK, so maybe someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day.
Or maybe we were having a good time.
Or maybe a little of both!

Sometimes the president bakes a little something delicious
and asks the volunteers to taste test.
Here I am tasting one of her experimental desserts.
Sardine Mango pie.

Helen enjoying lunch with her new friends.

If you live in Lee county Florida, why not consider
volunteering for these wonderful and fun people who help orphaned pets?
You can see all the pets they have for adoption and find out more
about them at their website – SPAY-LEE.COM.

Jude And Orange Tree

Orange juice anyone?

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