I had to water the front yard today. It’s not been scorching hot, but it is dry enough that I couldn’t ignore the brownness any longer. This groundcover is supposedly a weed, but I love it. It stays low to the ground. Even when I mow, I don’t cut this greenery.

It has flowers that feed the bees.  I don’t have to do anything to it.  No fertilizers or anything.  It just grows.  But I can’t find it at any nursery.  It would do the lawn mowing, fertilizing, businesses harm, and whatever else you need to keep up a lush lawn.  I’m trying to let it take over the yard.  That red plant in the picture is another “weed.”

This is a plant, the name of which I do not know.  I got it as a small cutting this summer, and it has grown so tall, I had to top it off.  I didn’t know it produced flowers at the time.  But its height makes the thing topple over.

I love these deep blood red flowers. Very appropriate for Halloween.

I went to Home Goods this morning.  They were having a 50% off on Halloween items, so I got a few.  But I found these two items, a dog blanket and dog towel for $7.  So I had to buy them.  I washed them together.  Not a good idea.  The towel shed on the blanket.

And the blanket lint attached to the towel.

The cashier at HomeGoods was such a neat guy.  He used to be in the fine art business and has been everywhere and knows a lot of stars.  I told him about my Dobies and he told me that Ben Vereen, star of Pippin, had a “miniature Doberman” that always came to the door dressed up.  The dog had a closet full of clothes.  I mentioned in passing that there was no such thing as a miniature Doberman, that it could have been a MinPin or a Manchester Terrier, but there was no time to get into that.  Perhaps it will register later.  I just cannot emphasize enough that smallish looking Dobermann are not Dobermann at all.  But I digress.  The man settled into South Florida in his retirement.  I could have talked to him for hours.  I am going to look for him next time I stand in line at HomeGoods.  Most cashiers are so rude and unengaging.   What a pleasure this man was!

I also stopped at PetSmart to return some Halloween t-shirts I got in the mail.  I ordered extra large, but got pee-wee sized shirts on xlrg hangers.  I know that because I bought a pair of xlrg shirts last weekend, which WERE extra-large.  Here is Luigi wearing one that says BOO!  I put t-shirts on my Dobies on cold winter nights, so these will come in handy then.

Upon leaving PetSmart, I ran into a flock of birds checking out their own treat.  I don’t know if anything was in there.  Some slobs left the package in the parking lot.  There were four crows trying to open the bag.

When the last one gave up, another bird came in to try.

He didn’t get anywhere with the bag either.

Dudley was glad to see me when I got home.

He’s a happening guy!

Cousin Annie is looking for some treats!

And here are some of the treats!

Happy Halloween Eve!

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