Some people call this contraption a see-saw and some a teeter totter.  I am the teeter type.  I call the obstacle a teeter and the verbal command teeter.  (I wonder if the people who call it a see-saw use the command see-saw.)  My teeter’s been out of commission because the board rotted out.  I painted a new board, and after many weeks of letting the paint dry, and working diligently on procrastinating, I finally drilled four holes in the board so I could bolt it to my makeshift teeter base. After I put the two parts together, I took some pictures of my teetering kids.

At first, Raven had a hard time getting the teeter to move.

Abandon ship!
(But not without my toy.)

Leissl, your horns are showing.
(She had been standing on the bottom.)

Leissl’s turn.  She hates the teeter and the dog walk.
She is so tense she’s licking her lips and pasting her ears to her head.

Smooth landing.
Don’t touch her yet.  She still might break

Dudley is the opposite.  He loves to ride the teeter.
He just chills and enjoys the ride till the teeter hits the ground.

That was fun.


I love how cute Raven looks at the start line.

After her performance, Raven catches her toy.
(OK, what happened to cute?)

I’m thankful for having a little room in my backyard to be able to fit in some agility equipment and for being crafty enough to be able to build a few things.

One Response to “Teeter Totter”

  1. Kristine says:

    That’s awesome you have built your own teeter. One of the biggest considerations when we are finally able to move will be a fenced yard large enough to fit lots of equipment.

    The teeter (I call it the same thing) is my personal favourite obstacle. Shiva likes it too, fortunately, though has a preference for jumping on on the wrong side. 😛

    Your dogs look like they were enjoying themselves! Especially in that last photo. Too much fun.