This morning, as I walked around the back yard, I kept running into Mimi where she was working on an apparent skill of hers, hole digging.  I asked her kindly to stop digging under the dog walk, under the teeter, and when I met up with her by one of our fake mini boulders, she finally dropped the well worn Nylabone she was holding, and with two swipes of her nose, covered the little hole.  I see.  She’s going to be one of those types.  The kind who buries the toy box in the back yard.   I have to admit, it was cute how she dropped that bone and swooped the dirt in the little hole the bone wasn’t even in.  She seemed to be satisfied, though, with her accomplishment.

We went into the house after that, and while I was getting ready for work, I saw the look on the pack’s face.  They have had that certain communal look a lot lately.   They stay in the hallway and behind a point that leads to the living room.  Then they have this wide, glassy-eyed stare.  When I move towards them, appalled comes to mind.  And this morning was no exception.  When I got to the hallway, I saw books and notebooks strewn about the floor, and one of the notebooks was soggy and chewed on one corner.  Mimi was at it again.

She has a propensity for pulling things off higher places.  I wonder how I can make that work for me.  I have to do something with that behavior, or I am going to lose a lot of storage space, and I have so little to start with.

I stuffed a Kong with some nut butter and shoved in some kibble before I left.  I gave that to her in her crate.  I think she needs a romper room.  Waiting to win that lottery!

2 Responses to “Mimi’s Talents Surface”

  1. Yes, dogs will definitely find was to amuse themselves, and it’s seldom pretty!

  2. Kristine says:

    Heh, too funny. I love the process of getting to know a dog’s personality. It can be exhausting and irritating, of course, but I love how they slowly reveal themselves the more comfortable they are. Man, I need a new dog…

    Anyway, Mimi is gorgeous!! Even more so than I first thought. What a lovely dog. She was so lucky to find you as I know with all your experience you are the perfect person to utilise her strengths and help her get over her weakenesses. I can’t wait to see how far she is going to come under your care. What an awesome dog.