I put my bag of dog supplies together for Raven’s class tomorrow night. The only thing I forgot to do is zip it up. That was bad. I heard someone ripping a toy apart earlier, but I thought it was a toy they’ve been working on regularly for days. One of those Tuffies toys. So when I finished writing an email to a friend, and turned around to see Luigi on the futon with a rabbit tug – minus all the rabbit fur – let me tell you, was I the one feeling I’d been had!

Honestly, I don’t think Luigi did the eating, but he probably did snatch the leftover nylon.  However, tomorrow, I will look very closely at the pooping going on out back to find out which one of my devoted rascals ate that rabbit fur off my barely used new tug!  A friend gave me that tug.  That goes to show me if I don’t zip, latch, or otherwise close things around here, my ever loving dogs will find the loophole and dig right into it to take advantage.

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