This is Raven wearing her new collar.
I love it.
It suits Raven.

Raven’s a pro at anticipating.
She will go into a room by stepping in and
swinging her butt in so she can back up
while still seeing what I’m doing.

She’s an expert at getting treats.
My favorite behavior is when she sits and stares at me.
She will do this the whole time I am fixing dinner.
Sitting and staring at me.
I will make eye contact with her along the way
telling her how wonderful she is.
She sits and stares.
Anticipating a treat of chicken or sausage.

She plans.
Dogs have those planning skills no matter what anyone says.
Here is a photo of her with Luigi’s toy.
He won it by getting a placement when he earned his CD title.
She watched him play with it one night.
And she watched me put it away atop a kennel.
I don’t know when she climbed up there and pulled it down.
But she did.

Raven anticipates just about everything in life.

And I do love Carly Simon’s song.

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