This morning it was still raining slightly after quite a stormy night.  I was glad for the Anxiety Wrap I had on hand for Mimi.  She needed it and so did I.  Her angst over thunder and lightning is unsurpassed.  Though my Aussie is a close sceond, and I realize I need to purchase one for her after waking up three times with her on my face.

But for this morning, Raven did the funniest thing.  She jumped into the bathtub I’d set up for bath taking.  I’d planned on doing them over three days; otherwise, I generally pack it in and cover it up.  It’s been three days, and my plan is still incomplete.  However Raven looked like she was in a fantasy world this morning sitting in that tub for well over ten minutes.  She seemed to be the captain of her own ship.

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