HMS My Bahamian Baby

I was looking for some pictures of the Tuffies o-ring in use, and ran across our 2010 Jan 22 photo folder. On this day a year ago, I was taking pictures of my Baby, 12 years old, getting stuck once again behind the buckets near the fence. I don’t know why, but she loved to go back there and get stuck. She was not so agile at this point in her life. Time and time again, I’d have to squat and walk with my eyes closed so I didn’t get them poked by some bush branch to get in there and pull her out by her harness. I would love to have her back behind those buckets today. She passed on June 1, which I blogged about. Still a very hard memory to revisit, so I will not. But the picture is priceless, so have to post it.  There will never be another DoberDiva like Baby.  <sigh>

Back to the o-rings. These are they. I wanted to show pictures of the stages of a Fort Doberdale Tuffie o-ring. They don’t die. They just transform.  They start out as whole rings, stuffed with some white fluff and a few squeakers.  As time goes by, the fabric somehow gets removed.  Probably by teeth.  So goes with it the stuffing and squeakers.  Down the line, what happens to the inner fabric, I don’t know.  I can’t remember picking it up in chunks, so it probably goes through the digestive track of some Fort Doberdalian.  What we have left are very sturdy o-ring crusts.  These pieces are used for tug-o-war, carrying around, and sometimes dog necklaces.  I pretty much have all the crusts of every Tuffie o-ring that’s gone through Fort Doberdale.  It’s still a favorite toy, no matter the stage it’s in or where it’s played with.

Good on a dogwalk.

Good fer shakin’.

Good on a chair.

Good fer tuggin’.

Good fer practicin’ yer scowl.

Good sideways.

Good fer takin’ a walk with yer friend.

Raven’s favorite toy is the Tuffie o-ring.  It’s a worthy toy for the money and it’s versatile.

One Response to “Tuff Spots and Tuff Toys”

  1. Kristine says:

    So far I am very satisfied with our Tuffy Tug-o-War. Still only has a tiny hole. If this is the kind of longevity and fun I can expect, then it was definitely worth the higher cost!

    I am sorry to hear about Baby. It never gets easier, does it? She looks like a very special dog.