Guess what came in the mail today. Yep. A new collar. I love this collar. Of course, I love them all.

The collar maker made a mistake the first time through and put the peace signs upside down. So when she corrected it, the d-ring and tag clip ended up on the “wrong” side. But as I thought about it, this side works much better for those of us who like to have our dogs walk on the traditional side – the left side of us. So the leash is connected to the d-ring which is right next to the handler’s left leg. It works out perfectly!

Looking at the picture, though, makes something tickle in my head. I know it’s “wrong” so my brain is trying to fix it. This reminded me of well over 15 years ago when I wore a watch. (I don’t anymore.) But I used to wear it on my left wrist. Then one day, I put it on my right wrist. I was so disoriented wearing that watch on the “wrong” wrist all day. It was just amazing. The brain gets comfortable with certain things, and changing them can make it spin its own engines.

As usual, visit Collar Mania if you want a collar of your own. Tell her Helen sent you.

Peace be with you.

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