I finished Murder is Binding this morning.  I was very pleased.


This was the first cozy mystery book I’ve read in almost a year. I enjoyed the characters, and especially the sisters, who at first I thought were going to be shallow, but turned out to be the best thing going. I grew to like the characters, well, except for the villains, who I wanted to see get their comeuppance. There was only one character that was unbelievable. The sheriff. She could have grown in the story, but stubbornly remained unbelievable. Outside of her, though, the story moved along smoothly.

I have to admit somewhere shortly after the middle, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and paged forward to the ending so I could find out who did it. The author was too good at making me think almost everyone did it!  Then I went back to the middle and read my way to the end with different eyes. Ones that weren’t so curious! I’m too curious sometimes, and lack patience.  Just like Raven.

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