Some where around 19 minutes after 4 pm on new years day, 2012, my patience and I parted ways.  A Ryobi drill got between us and ruined resolution #1.  Do not loose patience in 2012.  The damnation battery in the drill had to be charged for 30 to 90 minutes every time I drilled 3 holes in the dog walk I was assembling.  This is why I had been procrastinating the finale of this project since some time in August.  I hate my power drill.  Actually, it’s the battery I hate.  These companies make so much money off of their lousy batteries.  I’d charged the #$#*@!!!! battery in my Ryobi drill about 40 times already, and I was 3/4 off of finishing the last freaking hole in the last freaking plank and the damn thign waaaaa waaaa waaaa died again.  Gerdemmit!  I meant it too.  I yanked the battery pack off the drill and marched back into the house and shoved it in the charger while I searched for a hammer and nail.  I was so close to being done, I hammered a hole to the end, and took the 5 minute warm battery out to finish the hole.  Geeeezus!

Now listen, this is why I don’t believe in these resolution things.  I’m going to go out now to buy a jug of sangria.  A jug ’cause tomorrow I have to screw in the slats, and don’t get me started at how pissed I am at myself for painting them all green!  What happened to the yellow?  And even though this dog walk is smaller than the last one, and that one was smaller than regulation, so I’m missing 2 feet on each end.  I decided to teach my dogs to run in place so they can feel as if they’re on a 12-foot dog walk instead of an 8-footer.  <kidding>  It’s day one of this new year and I think I made some stupid resoluion about not drinking in the case that I do lose my patience and need to calm down.  What was I thinking making such silly resolutions?


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