I didn’t get to do all 3 days of the 4 days of the Tailwagger’s agility trail that I entered.  I was still not feeling up to par, but we loaded up the truck and hauled ourselves over there for one day.  That would have been new year’s eve, my favorite day of the trial.  We arrived and set up just in time for the Nov JWW walk through, and Leissl was the first dog in the ring, so there was no time for me to think fast enough about getting someone to record our first run.  Darn it.  But I did get Leissl’s Standard run and both of Raven’s wild rides.

These runs certainly show off that they are two very different Dobermann personalities.  To say the least.  Love them both!

Here are my faithful companion Raven’s two runs.  Turn up the volume and get your sense of humor out.

What’s interesting to me on Raven’s runs is she nails the weave entries, but that’s it. She forgets to do the rest of the poles.

Here is my upbeat buddy Leissl’s run in standard.  She had a rough time on the dog walk.  She never liked that thing.  I guess I wouldn’t either if I were a dog.  But then again, I wouldn’t like the a-frame, but she does all right on that contraption.

No Q’s but a lot of fun for the last day of 2010.

3 Responses to “New Year’s Eve Trial”

  1. Kristine says:

    I winced a little as Liessl fell of the dog walk. She handled it so well though.

    You always look so calm out there, which I think is awesome. Hopefully I will be able to handle that way myself one day. I love how you were interacting with her before you began, massaging her head, keeping that connection. It was so sweet to watch. You obviously have a great relationship.

    Congratulations on another fun trial!

  2. Helen Verte says:

    Thanks Kristine. I almost cut the fall out, but decided to leave it in. She was all right, and I, too, winced when I saw her fall on video. I didn’t see it as well while I was running with her. Leissl’s such a good girl. She wears the angel wings in the household while Raven wears the horns. 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    Ouch! I felt bad for Leissl when she fell. But she looked like she was fine and willing to try again right away. Probably most dogs have fallen off at one time or another. Most are fine, it happens. She’s a good Girl.

    Raven as always was fun and entertaining. She just has her own style and wants to go faster! She’s a good Girl too. She’s just a “Free thinker/free agent”, as I say with Star Bright!