Luigi and I went to the MOC 3-in-2 trials over Memorial Day weekend. We teamed up pretty well, and Luigi got his CD. Two trials were on Saturday and one was on Sunday.

Luigi is 9 years old. I was a little sad as I walked out of the arena because this is pretty much our last to do in the world of titles. He has his RE and he can’t jump because of arthritic elbows. He’s trained though in most exercises in open. Most of all, he’s my pal.

Here are the videos.

1st Novice B Leg – 185.5
I was nervous and Luigi was green to the obedience ring. I talked a lot in Rally, so this was dead silence. Our off-leash heeling was interesting. And his recall just never gelled. It had fallen apart a long time ago, and I never got it into tip-top shape to start with. It is what it is. Passable.



2nd Novice B Leg – 186.5
This was my favorite of our three runs. We didn’t have a higher a score. He didn’t do a front on this one, either. It was our heeling that felt good and we were more in sync.



3rd Novice B Leg and CD Title – 186.5
I just wanted to get this Q. He did good for me, and we ended with three comparable scores for our two days of work.


I appreciated the help from some friends, Kat and Lynn, (formerly known as Jim’s wife),
and Bruce who recorded our runs.
And Joann who took our picture with the judge.
I love having these to look back on.

2 Responses to “Luigi’s AKC CD Title”

  1. Lynn Pirko says:

    Congratulations, Helen and Luigi!! Good work on the CD. It was a great day for us too, Gracie got hers (miracle). Thanks for taping us too. Sincerely, Lynn (Jim’s Wife):^}

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you, Lynn! I see you all the time, and for some reason, didn’t know your name. Loved watching Gracie and Jim get their first CD, too. And you rock as a camera woman!