We went to the dog show last weekend.  December 11 and 12, 2010.

Leissl came home with ribbons for both of her Rally runs.

Raven had four agility runs.  Look at all her ribbons she didn’t win!

Here, first, are Leissl the angel’s runs in AKC Rally Advanced and Excellent:

Then Raven the anti-angel and her fun time in the Open Agility JWW and Standard rings.  But first, just to sum her runs up…well, she ignored me sometimes.  Sometimes she was really on and we were a team, then she pulled the blanket out from under me.  Sometimes she decided to sniff the ground or jump off the contacts or run around jumps.  But her #1 rule was to avoid doing weaves at all costs and for a while, I didn’t think I’d get her to take the a-frame!  The judge got a lot of arm exercise.  That’s all I have to say.

Here is Raven’s fourth run.  This is a reminder to all – Be careful who you give your FLIP to!  Not only was this the result of a less than stellar choice, my friend had a cold, and now I have it and it’s a doozie!  That’s what I get for passing a FLIP from one hand to the other.  I am usually more careful than that.  I let down my guard for some stupid reason, and am very mad at myself.  I do not take it well when I get sick.  It’s like that when you are the head of household, have dogs to take care of and the dogs don’t reciprocate that care part.  Though I did get a reprieve when I crated them for unbecoming behavior that irritated a sick person.  Yep.  Some of my pack takes rude advantage when I’m sick.

Back to the video.  If you’d gotten to see this standard run in full color, you would have seen Raven run up the ramp on the dog walk, stop to sniff the top, and turn her nose in the air at some putrid smell she sucked in which made her jump off the dog walk all together.  She is supposed to be going at such lightning speed as not to notice smells!  There were so many more special moments lost forever to “Barky!  Oh barky Barker…”  It was funny, but I would have preferred my run.

We did have the most festive crates on the campus, if I do say so myself.

We had fun.  🙂

2 Responses to “Greater Miami Dog Club Rally and Agility Trials”

  1. Kristine says:

    I love their crates! Quite lovely. 🙂

    And congrats on all the ribbons and non-ribbons. It sounds like you all had a fun time, even with the few surprises. Though, it is too bad about the cold. Yuck. I hope you’re able to fight it off and it leaves you alone sooner rather than later.

    You’re earned a good nap, I’d say.

  2. sometimes there are days like that, when your dog just wants to do their own thing. Patience………..